McDonalds replaces its activity trackers with toys on Happy Meals

Their potential for skin irritation has been cited as the cause for their premature withdrawal.

Although the toys that are included in McDonald’s Happy Meals are loved by youngsters, the nutrition content of its meals however remains as unhealthy as most of the menu at the Golden Arches.

With the starting of the Rio Olympics, McDonalds had hoped that including an activity tracker in place of the toy could help reverse the brand’s poor nutritional reputation. Although its intentions were in the right direction, reports of possible skin irritations have now prompted the chain to prematurely end this promotion.

While McDonalds investigates the potential dermal abrasions, the toys have substituted the pedometers.

According to The Associated Press, it is uncertain whether McDonalds will resume its healthy athletic giveaways with its Happy Meal giveaways.


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