The world’s longest aircraft has a large posterior

Despite its odd shape, the Airlander 10, a hybrid between a airplane/airship, has made aviation history since it could revolutionise long distance air flight.

You might think that companies may want to break world records will at least do it in style. Not so in this case. The Airlander 10, a hybrid air vehicle just made history and it looks pretty weird. It could be the future of flight and is the world’s longest aircraft.

Measuring 302ft from end to end, the long endurance airplane/airship has been billed as the world’s longest aircraft.

It showed off its air-worthiness in a minutes-long trip around Britain’s Bedfordshire country side. Despite its humongous posterior, the vehicle remained airborne.

Although, it could take a while before the Airlander 10’s models hits the production line, as a side note, it appears that the craft was originally designed for the U.S for surveillance purposes. Imagine an elephant floating around in the sky doing surveillance work. As you might imagine, the surveillance idea was scrapped.

However, if it meets its design goals, HAV could make 10 of them a year by 2021. It could make a mark in the aviation world since it can not only stay in the air for five days at a time, the Airlander 10 could make long distance passenger flights much cheaper.

More significantly, the Airlander 10 produces much less pollution than typical aircrafts and it’s quieter too.


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