USB Implementers Forum announces USB Type-C Certification program

The move will help save consumer devices from being fried as well as reduce the footprint of e-waste from landfills.

Given the number of USB chargers floating around in the world today, you are bound to get one that does not work at all, or to be more politically correct – one that does not work the way it should.

So as to bring an order into this chaos, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced a Logo Program that aims to put a Certified USB Charger Compliance logo on every USB charger for USB Type-C devices.

For the consumer this will translate to reduce carrying around a number of chargers. This also has an ecological impact since it will reduce the number of chargers that end up as electronic waste in landfills.

According to Jeff Ravencraft, the COO and the President of USB-IF, all chargers that carry the logo carries the promise that “it just works”.

The certification program has come in the wake of various irregularities with USB Type-C cables as found by Benson Leung, an engineer from Google. As luck would have it, a faulty USB Type-C cable ended up frying one of his devices, thus prompting calls for standardization.

So as to avert a similar situation with your devices, please be wary of USB Type-C cables, especially when you are sourcing them from any old manufacturer whose chargers don’t carry the logo.

Since the Type-C cable carries more power than its predecessor, the dangers of something going wrong are also present, especially when you acquire the wrong cable. It’s hoped that the Certification Program should cut down this instances significantly.

As the USB-IF officially notes, using a non-compliant charger can pose a risk to the functionality of electronic devices.

Companies are encouraged to submit their chargers for testing so as to carry the USB-IF Certification Logo.


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