Karma’s Revero Hybrid with solar charging roof to cost $100,000

The unveiling is less than a month away. It’s a major upgrade from its predecessor which was plagued by an undependability issue and a tendency to catch fire.

Typically the design of the car is its main draw. However, for Karma Automotive’s Revero hybrid, the reason the design didn’t draw enough eyeballs could be because it looked pretty similar to the Fisker Karma. However that need not be bad since the Fisker Karma itself didn’t draw any negative press.

Incidentally, the car got its name from Henrik Fisker, the stylist who penned the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9.

The Chinese company that bought Fisker went bankrupt last year with reports stating that the car had reliability issues and tended to catch fire.

As for the Revero hybrid, Karma says it is “the first model sold in the US with a solar roof that will power the vehicle.”

What this could probably mean is that the solar roof could be contributing power to the car’s main power pack since a panel of its size would find it rather challenging to juice up the entire power requirements of the car. In fact, just powering the car’s air condition itself would be daunting.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Karma will borrow the vehicle control and charging systems from BMW.

“There are huge, serious, major upgrades throughout the electronics systems, wiring, charging, battery,” said Jim Taylor, Karma’s Marketing Director.

This should address the dependability issues that were plaguing the Fisker Karma.

The newer version of the Karma will also feature a simple-to-use infotainment system.

Karma had stated earlier, “if you like a 200 page supplement to the owner’s manual … look elsewhere.”

If you are hooked by the Revero, expect it to leave a $100,000 hole in your pockets. Do check this website for the upcoming launch date. The countdown for its unveiling has already begun.


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