Seagate demonstrates world’s largest SSD at 60TB

4 times bigger than the offerings of its competitor, Seagate’s drive will be officially launched sometime later in 2017.

Seagate has announced the launch of its 60TB SSD, which is the world’s largest to date. Before you launch another tab and go hunting for it in order to snag one, do note that it’s available only for businesses: it has been released as an addition to Seagate’s data center portfolio.

With 4 times the capacity of its next competitor, Seagate whopping 60TB SSD can hold roughly 12,000 DVDs and nearly 400 million photos. You might want to lean back and peruse these ridiculous numbers.

Since this SSD was created keeping quick accessibility in mind, its architecture is such that it will be simple for data centres to accommodate Seagate’s next upgrade as and when it gets ready, while keeping the same form factor.

The 60TB SSD will be officially launched sometime in 2017, right now its available for bragging marketing rights and for the purpose of demonstration.

In case you happen to be an admin at a data centre, do keep checking here, I will keep you updated as and when it is officially launched.


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