LG’s V20 to be world’s first smartphone to feature Android 7.0

Lookout for the LG V20 smartphone this coming September.

This September will see LG launch its V20 smartphone, which will be the first android phone to feature Android 7.0 Nougat.

So far, LG has revealed that he successor to the V10 will retain the dual selfie camera features as well its dual screens. No other specs for the V20 have been released other than the above two.

This naturally means that the V20 will be released before any Nexus phone, which so far have been the first to receive Android’s latest operating system. The move to launch Google’s latest OS in LG’s V20 is certainly odd in that respect. So as to be doubly sure, LG has confirmed that the V20 will be launched with Android Nougat.

Most of Google’s phones have been built by LG, including the Nexus, 5X, 5 and 4. With increased competition and with the smartphone market coming to a saturation point, major players such as LG and Huawei have shown a willingness to lower their margins in order to work with Google.

However, with the V20, LG seems to be in a win-win scenario: not only can it sell the handset at a premium, (the V10 sold at $600 while the Nexus 5X’s price was $349) but it can also be the first to receive Google’s latest mobile OS.

The move certainly has all the potential to boost LG’s flagging sales department.


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