FZI demos autonomous grilling machine at the Stallwächter Party

Last year, FZI had demonstrated an autonomous bartender at the same event.

Do you believe the taste in food comes from its ingredients? What about the amount of love put into it by the person cooking it? Why is two chefs cooking the same dish cant reproduce the exact taste?

Before you get too deep in thought ruminating about these questions, how would you like your sausage cooked by an autonomous machine?

The BratWurst Bot can do exactly that: it can take customer orders, cook sausages, and serve bratwurst without any input from a human. In fact, the bot made its debut at the Stallwächter Party, a government event for German State Representatives, wherein it served guests more than 200 sausages over the course of an evening, independently taking orders from a web based front end, while a pair of RGB cameras and custom software ensured that everything went according to plan.

While an automatic grilling machine is nice, the fact that it has been built from entirely off the shelf parts is pretty amazing.

FZI’s fun project has now gone to show how flexible service robots can actually be. This live demonstration has shown that not only can the robot cook all on its own but also interact with humans autonomously.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that FZI achieved this feat. Last year’s Stallwächter Party had an autonomous bartender.

All of these ‘kewl’ stuff just makes you wonder, how do you get invited to one such party?


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