GitHub now hosts Apollo 11’s source code

This could be a start for those wanting to take a peek at the inner workings of a 1960’s versions of rocket’s guidance system.

Although the source code for Apollo 11’s guidance computer has been available online for a while now with Google playing the good host, starting from this week searching through it has been made a no-brainer.

Chris Garry, a former NASA intern has posted the entire source code of Apollo’s Guidance system on GitHub thus allowing you to peruse through the code that NASA used to go to the Moon.

Having rummaged through it, as many Reddit users have pointed out, it appears that the NASA developers added a touch of humour with line 666 of the source code containing a “numero mysterioso,”; in fact they have even a referenced radio DJ Magnificent Montague’s classic “burn, baby, burn.”

Whoever said the complicated science of rocket liftoffs cannot be intermingled with humour.

What is very commendable is that since GitHub allows suggestions for make changes, programmers seem to be having a field day making space-themed jokes. Commendable ones includes Apollo 13’s “bugs”.

Jokes apart, the source code by itself isn’t very useful unless it is adopted by countries to create a 1960s space program. On a similar vein, it could be useful for students of computer science or programing enthusiasts as a case study for a rocket guidance system.

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