Facebook introduces offline video downloads in India

With this move Facebook aims to achieve its twin objectives of bringing more users online and onto its social network.

So as to mitigate the prohibitive expenses of setting up internet facilities or avoid spotty internet connections, Facebook is set to launch a new feature, which will first feature in India.

According to TechCrunch reports, Facebook will be launching a new offline video download feature which will allows users to download videos when they are on a WiFi connection so that they can be watched later through the Facebook’s own video app.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has been very vocal about getting more people online and on its network, this could very well help achieve that. Moreover in areas of limited connectivity, this effort could soon be a success story since publishers and producers can benefit from repeated views of their content.

This update will naturally have some sort of anti-piracy feature built-in to it, keeping publishers and producers in mind. Facebook has said the offline videos can only be watched through its app and has allowed publishers to disable offline downloading within their Page setting. However, advertisement will not have the option to be viewed offline.

Incidentally, Facebook Live is also set to receive updates, which will allow you to remotely cut off a team member’s live broadcast, should the need arise to do so.

While the offline downloading of videos is likely to bring more users on its boat, in a similar effort, Facebook’s sister concern is also trying to solve the problem of spotty cellular service. It has launched its OpenCellular wireless platform so as to bring nearly 4 billion people, across the globe, online (and onto Facebook, obviously).


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