Belgian researchers create world’s most sensitive e-nose

Its flexible design enables it to be used by the military as well as for industrial and civilian use.

When dealing with military grade hazardous chemicals, you certainly don’t want to take any chances, since even a tiny amount can be lethal.

So as to mitigate the detection and subsequent disposal of such chemicals, Belgian researchers have created the most sensitive nose in the history of our times.

This electronic nose, which has a spongy metal-organic framework, can absorb and detect even insignificant amounts of these hazardous chemicals, including phosphates found in pesticides, which are commonly used for making improvised explosive devices.

The nose is so sensitive that it can detect even one part in a trillion, making it relatively easier for law enforcement agencies to detect IEDs used by ISIS and other such terrorist groups.

This could be a shot in the arm for law enforcement agencies since the e-nose is extremely portable: the framework can be applied as a film on an existing circuit. This means what just about any smartphone can benefit from its capabilities.

Thankfully, its utility is not restricted to just law enforcement agencies. Even doctors could benefit from this technology since it can be used to detect lung cancer from your breath. It can also be used for more mundane scenarios as well – to detect whether food has gone bad.


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