Microsoft’s Surface 3 Production to stop by 2016

Will this removal be used as a stepping stone for Microsoft’s next-gen tablet?

Although the Surface 3 has been on the market for more than a year Microsoft has yet to announce a successor in sight. Looks like the tablet is on its way out.

Microsoft has confirmed to ZDNet that it will stop producing the Surface 3 by the end of this year. Microsoft has confirmed that the stock of Surface 3 currently is “limited.” It is very likely that the model you may want is not available in the store.

Microsoft has disclosed that there is a strong “strong demand and satisfaction” for the Surface 3. It will be awkward if its sales wind down and production stopped. The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have clearly been the stars of their generations.

It will be sad to see the Surface 3 go, since it lowered the barrier for Microsoft’s tablet. Although this is not necessarily the end of the non-Pro Surface models, given Microsoft’s statement, it will not be surprising if it wants to jump back into the game with the next major release of Windows and make a compelling case for purchase with its next generation low-cost tablet.


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