iOS 10 allows you to remove native apps

Before you jump with joy, do note that you will however not be allowed to uninstall it. Furthermore, in case you have a change of heart, you will have to re-download it from the app store.

Apple has confirmed that in its ipcoming iOS 10, users will be able to drop native mobile apps. This iOS 10 feature has been listed in its official support page for beta testers. However, what this page does not mention is that although the apps can be dropped they will still be using up space in the phone since they are not uninstalled.

When you drop an app on iOS 10, it will forget its configurations and will delete all of your personal data associated with it. The binary files, which make up the app, will however still remain in the smartphone. Only its icon will be removed from display. This is what Apple’s SVP of software engineering disclosed to John Gruber, an apple blogger.

Although, this practice is unlikely to have an impact on how you use the device, many have pointed to the fact that it is still eating up space. Apple has responded to this saying, its pre-loaded apps use less than 150MB of space, which is insignificant compared to the total available space on the device.

Having said that, Apple wants you to again re-download them from the App store, in case you change your mind.

For those who are looking forward to this feature may want to peruse through Apple’s support page, as it provides a rundown on potential complications in case certain native apps are removed.

Case in point: if you were to remove the watch app while its paired with a smartwatch, iOS will prompt you to unpair it first. Similarly, you will not be able to use its Music app with CarPlay if you were to drop it, or the notifications from the weather app will stop if you choose to get rid of it.


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