Andy Rubin on the coming age of quantum computing and AI

Andy Rubin helped create the world’s largest operating system – the Android platform. During the Bloomberg Technology Conference, he talks about the coming of age of a conscious computer controlled by Artificial Intelligence. This isn’t science fiction, but science fact. It is coming.

Although, Andy Rubin was one of those who helped invent the Android platform and left Google in 2014, he is still actively involved in shaping the future course of this technology.

During Bloomberg’s Technology Conference, he mentioned that one of his hardware startups is backing the lofty goal of finding a means to commercialise the usage of quantum computing with the manufacturing processes in use today.

Saying new computing platforms “happen every 10 to 12 years” he firmly believes that its high time we start building quantum computers and use them to run AI.

To make a long story short, quantum computers are those which harnesses the power of atoms molecules, and as you may have guessed, they are significantly faster than our fastest computers existing today.

This complex technology is still in its infancy and again, you are right in believing that companies such as Google and MIT have made advances so as to lead to something bigger.

Quantum computers and artificial intelligence makes a formidable combination. So as to give a more concrete example of how potent this technology us, during Bloomberg’s Technology Conference, Rubin said a quantum computer could be so powerful so as to power every connected device, such as smartphones.

“If you have computing that is as powerful as this could be, you might only need one. It might not be something you carry around; it just has to be conscious,” he said.

The very idea of a conscious and a capable computer could bring about talks of Skynet. And Rubin expected exactly that kind of thinking and he goes to explain that we shouldn’t “be worrying about Skynet coming online,” instead what we “should be worrying about what it means to compute at these magnitudes.”


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