Puma introduces BeatBot – a robotic running companion for your coaching needs

As yet it available only for Puma sponsored teams and athletes

For some having a coach’s voice near you is good enough to keep you motivated to do one more lap of jogging, while others prefer something more physical than just a mere voice prepping you up for your run.

For those who fit in the second category, Puma’s BeatBot is what the doctor ordered. According to Fast Company, BeatBot has been designed by designed by a trio of MIT students, a robotics engineer from NASA and Puma’s ad agency.

In case you want to make your jogging a little vigorous, the BeatBot can be your companion, even if you are Usain Bolt, who incidentally set the world speed record at 44.6KPH, equivalent to 27.7 MPH. Here’s your own chance to make your 8 minute mile more eye catching and aspirational.

BeatBot scans the lines of the track with an array of 9 infrared sensors, which an Arduino monitors the speed at which its wheels rotates, keeping track of the distance and speed.

Outfitted with LED lights at the back, the BeatBot has dual GoPro cameras to catch your running style in action.

Although BeatBot will be on offer only to Puma sponsored athletes and teams, its retail price is yet to be disclosed. For now, for your running companion and coach, you will have to do it the old fashion way: find a running buddy who is fitter and faster than you.


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