Polish inventor creates rollerblades for offroad surfaces

At $1,400 a pair, they cost a pretty penny for your last mile commute.

Jack Skopinski, a Polish inventor, has recently come out with his latest invention: an electric people mover.

Essentially an “off-road” rollerblades, the battery powered device can handle dirt trails as well as regular roads in cities. Each boot is fitted with a 350W DC motor that can propel a person for upto 12 miles at 9 miles per hour.

It is different from a roller blade in the fact that instead of regular wheels, his invention has rubber treads, enabling the rider to move across varied terrains such as gravel, grass, and dirt tracks, with ease. These rollerblades can be controlled by a wired hand held remote.

Priced at a whopping $1,400 a pair, these boots could be quite a costly proposition, especially for a last mile commute. They also weigh 11 pounds a pair, so yes, they are a pain to haul around should their juice go dry before you reach your destination.

Before you despair, Skopinski is reportedly planning to adapt this technology to their regular 2 x 8 rollerblades cousins in the near future.

Here’s a YouTube link for it.

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