Uber aims to win back license to operate in London

On Tuesday, in a statement Uber said, it plans on winning back its license to operate in the city of London. The move comes in the wake of Britain’s transport regulator banning Uber from operating in the city over safety concerns.

In 2019, Transport for London (TfL) had refused to grant Uber a new license over what it called a “pattern of failures” on issues revolving around security, safety and driver identification.

Uber was also denied a license to operate in London in 2017, however a judge had restored it on a probationary basis; the taxi app operator has made changes to its business model so it can keep operating in one of its most important markets.

“We have worked hard to address TfL’s concerns over the last few months, rolled out real time ID checks for drivers, and are committed to keeping people moving safely around the city,” said Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Northern and Eastern Europe CEO.

Deputy Senior District Judge Tan Ikram will be presiding over the hearings at Westminster Magistrates’ Court from Tuesday to Thursday.

Despite the ban, Uber’s 45,000 drivers in London are still able to operate until the appeals process is exhausted; this could go on for several months if not years depending on when a decision is made and any further legal action.

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