Pay Cut For Barcelona Players Including Messi Due To Coronavirus Crisis

In order to reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, measures to  measures to cut the wages of its players and staff are being taken by the football club FC Barcelona, the club said this week.

After a meeting of the board of directors of the club through a video conference, it announced that a compulsory wage reduction during the period of lockdown will have to be taken by all professional players at Barcelona, including Lionel Messi, as well as all of its non-playing employees.

Spain has been under a complete lockdown since March 14 and residents are only being allowed to go out for essential business only. After Italy, coronavirus has been the most devastating in Spain among the European countries. On Friday, there were 769 deaths because of the virus in the country with the total count reaching almost 5000 deaths. The country has also reported that more than 64,000 people have so far tested positive for the virus.

“Among the measures adopted, it’s worth noting those related to the workplace are motivated by the need to adapt the contractual obligations of the club staff to the new and temporary circumstances that we are experiencing,” Barcelona said in a statement.

“It is a reduction of the working day, imposed by the circumstances and the protection measures carried out, and, as a consequence, the proportional reduction of the remuneration provided for in the respective contracts.”

The facilities at the club has been offered for usage by the regional health department  of the Catalan government.

According to analysts, the measure taken by a club of FC Barcelona’s stature of cutting the pay for footballers and other staff alike simply reflects the enormity of the economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many also said that such as measures were but inevitable because of the situation and its financial common sense. The move by the club also has sent out the right message to the football fans all across the globe as well as other around the world.”

Other measures to assist the society and the authorities to combat the deadly virus have been taken by other La Liga clubs as well including allowing the use of the facilities of the clubs for health purposes and contacting and helping supporters who are over the age of 80 years.

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