All of Tata Motors’s car offerings from its JLR brand would either be hybrids or EVs post 2020

All of JLR’s vehicles, after 2020, will sport BlackBerry’s infotainment software from its QNX unit.

On Thursday, Tata Motors Ltd and BlackBerry Ltd stated they have reached a licensing agreement whereby Tata Motors can use BlackBerry’s software in its next-generation electric vehicles.

BlackBerry will provide its security and infotainment software to Tata Motors’ JLR unit in what is its latest licensing deal which follows similar agreements with Baidu Inc, Qualcomm Inc and Aptiv Plc.

While BlackBerry’s QNX unit, which makes software for computer systems on cars, is expected to start generating revenue in 2019, its Certicom unit focuses on security technology and has drawn clients such as Continental Airlines, IBM Corp and General Electric Co.

Jaguar Land Rover, acquired by India’s Tata group in 2008, stated, all of its new cars from 2020 would either be hybrids or EVs.

In January JLR, Britain’s biggest carmaker, stated it would open a software engineering center in Ireland focused on advanced automated driving and electrification technologies.


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