Apple Aims Growth And Shifts Focus To India, Possibly Resulting In Massive Changes In Its Management Of International Businesses

Apple is reportedly shifting the leadership of its international businesses in order to focus on India. According to reports, “India is now its own sales region at Apple” as a result of the change in emphasis. Ashish Chowdhary, managing director of Apple India, will now be in charge of the Middle East, the Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa regions, according to the company.

Hugues Asseman, who recently retired, previously held the position. According to reports, Chowdhary will answer directly to Michael Fenger, Apple’s vice president of product sales. Although the specific advantages of a shift in India are not highlighted, the long-term advantages could include the rollout of services that are currently unavailable in India, such as Fitness+ and Wallet, the creation of jobs, and even a decrease in the cost of some goods.

The latest changes, according to the report, will have an impact on Apple’s management structure, but not how the company discloses regional sales in its financial results. Apple breaks down its quarterly results into four sections, and the Middle East, Africa, and India are all included in the Europe section. The Americas, Greater China, Japan, and the rest of Asia Pacific are additional markets.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, also emphasized the growing significance of Apple for India during the most recent earnings call. According to him, Apple is “putting a lot of emphasis on the market” and that “India is a hugely exciting market for us.”

India, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe were Apple’s top three markets in the most recent quarter, despite a 5% decline in the company’s overall sales. Notably, Apple claimed that its iPhone sales in India broke all previous records in the most recent quarter without providing specific figures or the top-selling models.

In order to promote iPads, Apple is also increasing offline events in the nation. Apple held its first live Today at Apple event in India in New Delhi in February. Apple has started a new educational program today to show users how to use their iPads and iPhones to create content that looks professional.

The event is usually held at one of Apple’s official retail locations, none of which have yet opened in India. The event took place at the India Art Fair in Delhi last month.

According to the company’s official website, Apple India, its first Apple Stores will open in Delhi and Mumbai this year. For these locations, Apple is also recruiting managers and store personnel. Apple might later grow its retail footprint in India.

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