Google Will Contest The India Antitrust Ruling Regarding Android

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, announced on Friday that it will challenge the Indian antitrust watchdog’s decision to fine the tech giant $162 million for anti-competitive practices and order it to change the way it handles its Android platform.

According to the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Google used its hegemonic status in markets like online search and the Android app store to defend the positions of its apps like Chrome and YouTube in mobile web browsers and online video hosting.

“We have decided to appeal the CCI’s decision on Android as we believe it presents a major setback for our Indian users and businesses who trust Android’s security features, and potentially raising the cost of mobile devices,” a Google spokesperson said on Friday.

There were reports published previously that stated that Google was concerned about the CCI ruling and was looking for more extensive corrective action.

Approximately 97% of the 600 million devices in India run Android, according to estimates from Counterpoint Research.

“Android has greatly benefitted Indian users, developers, and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), and powered India’s digital transformation. We look forward to making our case and remain committed to our users and partners,” Google said.

Google has come under increased international scrutiny for its antitrust practices, and this year saw a significant setback when a European court upheld a 2018 decision that said the company had placed “unlawful restrictions on manufacturers of Android mobile devices.”

Google intends to appeal that judgment as well, as well as the record-breaking $4.1 billion fine.

The business has additionally drawn criticism for licensing the Android operating system to smartphone makers while also signing stifling anti-competitive contracts.

The American tech behemoth claims that Android has increased choice for all users and that these agreements help to maintain the operating system’s open source nature.

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