Department of Energy launches $100 million tech funding in push towards clean energy

In a statement the Biden Administration announced that the U.S. Department of Energy will “offer $100 million in funding to support low-carbon energy technologies”; it will also create a working group to aid their development and sale.

The announcement was made by National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy at the White House’s first meeting of the National Climate Task Force, which included cabinet leaders from 21 federal agencies.

The task force was created vide U.S. President Joe Biden on January 27 through an executive order aimed at tackling climate change.

“We are positioning America to create good-paying, union jobs in a just and equitable way in communities across the nation that will be at the forefront of new manufacturing for clean energy and new technology, tools, and infrastructure that will help us adapt to a changing climate,” said McCarthy.

The White House also said, the new Climate Innovation Working Group will focus on commercializing technologies including direct air capture and battery storage, and “emphasize research to bolster and build critical clean energy supply chains in the United States.”

Incidentally, the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, funds high risk but potentially transformational energy projects including next generation batteries, energy storage solutions and solar power.


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